Life Is A Journey

Music by Alex Gwerder
Words by Jim Bows

I'm just fine with who I am, and I am proud of what I've done
I'm a simple man, and not the chosen one

I live the way I want to live, and do the things I like to do
Good times and the bad times, I could make it through

With a woman who stood by me
Shared the joy and shared the pain
Life is a journey
There's nothing I would change

I make music when I can, you know I'm a music man
Guitar in the corner, it's part of who I am

Pick a line that feels so good, touches my soul the way it should
All I need is here, made of steel and wood

There are people who can't hear what I'm saying
They don't understand
They build you up, just to tear you down
Life is a journey
And the road can be hard

I need time for myself, time to be alone
Silence is all around me, miles from home

When I lose sight of where I'm going
Then the seeds of doubt, they start growing
Think about tomorrow, where will I be

Life is a journey, you and me
I've been through it all, I didn't fall
Life is a journey, you and me
There's nothing I would change
There's nothing I would change 


© 2016 Gwerder/Bows