The Banjo Song

Music by Alex Gwerder
Words by Alex Gwerder & 
Jim Bows

Everyday I wake up, everyday's the same
I can't stop this melody, running 'round my brain
Should it start off slowly?, is the verse too long?
Now I think I've found it, a brand new dusty song

We sit down together, pick up my guitar
Show him what I'm working on, this is who we are
Jim picks up his banjo and starts to play along
Now I know I've found it, a brand new dusty song

Music keeps on flowing, from our finger tips
Something in this melody, doesn't want to quit
No-one wants to stop now, we play on and on
Now I know we've found it, a brand new dusty song

Everyday I hear it, playing in my head
Everyday I wonder, what the music says
Now I know the reason, why it feels so strong
Let's all play together our brand new dusty song
Let's play that song 


© 2016 Gwerder/Bows