The Key To Happiness

Music by Alex Gwerder
Words by Alex Gwerder & 
Jim Bows

I watch the people as they pass me by, they don't look happy
Living in the western world, where would they rather be?
Fighting for freedom in far off lands

This life is all we have so treat it well, we all are human
If money don't bring happiness, there must be something else
I don't understand why with so much wealth
Some people still look sad, inform yourself

Turn on the tap and get water, it never runs out
There's food on the table every night and clothes on our backs
Our first world problems, don't seem so bad
So why does the rich man look so sad

All these thoughts in my head are searching for a reason why
We have learnt that enough is never enough
Teach our children everyday, how to be more satisfied
That's the key, that's the key to happiness
That's the key, that's the key to happiness 


© 2016 Gwerder/Bows