Drinking Beer

Music by Alex Gwerder & Marcel Hertner
Words by Alex Gwerder & Jim Bows

Work is finally over, tools all put away
Clean up, clock off and close the door
My body aches but I'm not going home just yet
It's time to see my friends once more

There on the corner, my favourite bar
It's full of joy and no regrets
Jukebox plays the music, that I like to hear
Drinking beer and smoking cigarettes

Sitting round a table with all of my friends
We talk and joke, shooting the breeze
No-one stops to wonder just how late it's got
Another round of beers bartender please

Skies are getting lighter, it's time to hit the road again
Bidding farewell, we all look and feel the same
Here's to the next time, we all get together
Friends round a table, we could stay forever drinking beer
Year after year 


© 2010 Gwerder/Hertner/Bows